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ABT News 10/29/2020

Handicap is 80% of 230. $30 Membership is good for one year from date of signup and entitles you to bowl in any ABT tournament throughout the country.


In accordance with ABT rules, ALL bowlers MUST wear a bowling shirt with your first and last name on the back and the ABT logo patch ironed on or embroidered on the front chest or sleeve--locally and nationally.


Special Tournaments
$75 - $100

$5.00 late fee for anyone not prepaid

Prepay by calling office & leave your name, email us by Thursday night OR let us know at the tournament.

We also have several OPTIONAL side pots.

High Game: Usually $6.00

Strike Pot: $1.00

300 Pot: $1.00

Clean Set Pot: $5.00

Bonus Bucks Pot: $10, $15, $20 or $25


About the ABT:

General Information and Basic Playing Rules

The Amateur Bowlers Tour is a private membership organization open to members only. Non-Members must agree to be governed by the Rules, Regulations, By-Laws, Standard Operating Policies, and Grooming Standards currently in effect or adopted at any future date to be eligible for membership in this organization. 

  1. Open to ABC and WIBC members 18 years of age or older, or eligible non-members who purchase an individual unattached card prior to bowling. 
  2. Consists of two (2) divisions: 

    1. CLASSIC: Must not have a current league average over 179 or have averaged over 179 in the past five (5) years. (See Rule Number 1 of ABT Rule book). 
    2. MASTERS: Must not have a current league average over 230 or have averaged over 230 in the past five (5) years. (See Rule Number 1 of ABT Rule book). 
  3. The tournament is open to members only. Tournament Director, and/or Board of Directors reserve the right to re-rate or reject any application for membership or entry, Membership is revocable without cause.
  4. Highest sanctioned and non-sanctioned average over the past three (3) years, current sanctioned and non-sanctioned average if it is higher than book average, or highest summer sanctioned and non-sanctioned average or highest tournament average will be used to determine bowlers entering average in tournament club. One of the above averages sanctioned and non-sanctioned must be for forty-five (45) games or more to qualify for membership. Averages of less than forty-five (45) games will be used, if they are higher than book average.
  5. A bowler not having a league average in the last three (3) years can enter and bowl at 179 (CLASSIC) or 230 (MASTERS) providing they meet all of the membership requirements.
  6. Non-members of the Amateur Bowlers Tour must bring book average verification and current highest average for twenty-one (21) games or more, league sheets of less than forty-five (45) games may be used if they are higher than book average, and present at the time of entry. This is to include sanctioned and non-sanctioned. ABSOLUTELY NO ENTRY WILL BE ALLOWED WITHOUT VERIFICATION.
  7. Men and Women will be paired together.
  8. The Tournament Director will settle disputes not covered by ABC/WIBC rules.
  9. Handicaps are based on 80% of the difference between your assigned entering average and 225 (CLASSIC) or 80% of the difference between your assigned entering average and 225 (MASTERS). Maximum beginning handicap is 68 pins for the CLASSIC Division and 28 for the MASTERS division. Scores shall be posted using a plus or minus system including handicap with 225 being used as par. This will reflect how much a bowler is averaging or below 225. 
  10. Example: 200 + 20=220, or +20 or 170 + 20=190 or -10
  11. FORMAT: Qualifying round (Saturday) if four (4) games across eight lanes. There are two (2) re-entries permitted. A maximum of three (3) entries permitted each day of qualifying. However, only higher scores will be considered for prize money. The top eighteen (18) men's scores plus ties for last place, and the top three (3) women plus ties for last place, will advance to the semi-finals on Sunday. There will be no carry-over of pins. Semi-finalists are to report to the tournament site no later than one (1) hour before the designated starting time. They will bowl three (3) games across six (6) lanes, if Pro-Style stepladder finals are used the five (5) highest scores, including handicap, will advance to the finals. There will be no carry-over of pins. Finals will immediately follow semi-finals. The high score, including handicap in the semi-final round is automatically seeded into the final match if Pro-Style stepladder finals are used. If the finals are held Pro-Style stepladder, i.e. No. 5 bowls No. 4; winner bowls No. 3; winner bowls No. 2; winner bowls seeded bowler for the championship. These games will also be determined with handicap. The bowler in the higher position will have his or her choice of starting lane on the championship pair.
  12. All advertised prizes will be GUARANTEED in FULL by Amateur Bowlers Tour Local Branch. All semi-finalists will cash. All prize money collected will be returned 100%.
  13. PRIZES PAID SAME DAY. (See ABT Rule No 15)
  14. A more complete set of rules governing tournament conditions, conduct, wearing apparel, infractions, penalties, and entering averages is available at the ABT office, and will be given to each new member when application has been approved.
  15. All contestants must abide by all Amateur Bowlers Tour rules and regulations. If they refuse, membership will be terminated with no reimbursement of fees.
  16. All ABC/WIBC rules observed. ABC/WIBC Rule 17 and 319A, D&E will apply to ALL participants, MALE and FEMALE.
  17. Champion's shirt presented to 1st place finisher.
  18. There will be no less than three (3) bowlers and no more than (6) bowlers per pair of lanes. Six (6) only when necessary.
  19. Twenty (20) or more tournaments per year planned in each area. Two (2) every month if possible.
  20. You must conduct yourself as a lady or gentlemen at all times.
  21. Any member who is employed or owns any portion of a business doing business in the bowling center where an Amateur Bowlers Tour tournament is being held, will not be allowed to participate in that tournament.
  22. Current members of professional bowling associations are not allowed to be members of the Amateur Bowlers Tour. Should a member join a professional bowling organization during the course of their membership, their membership would be immediately terminated with no return of fees.
A Bowler will not be allowed to compete without verification of his or her average. The applicant must verify the correctness of his or her average. If Bowler's average is published in local association's average yearbook, and a copy of this is made available to the ABT, averages can be verified at our office. If we do not have a yearbook, average, sanctioned or non-sanctioned verification must appear in writing and be verified by local association secretary. Bowler must also bring current league sheet with highest current average 20 games or more. No other verifications will be accepted.

Updated January 10, 2008



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